5 Simple Stretches To Do At Your Desk

Spending a majority of our time in a sitting position whether that be; at a desk, car or at home can cause a tightness in our body. This tightness can lead to sore back, necks and tight muscles in the hips and legs. With a few minutes spent stretching at our desks you can help… Read more »

Circa Home

3 Tips On How To Create A Chill Out Zone At Home

Let’s be honest… There has been a time in our lives where we need to escape the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and just escape even for just a few moments. Some of us escape to the laundry, some to the bathroom; others are lucky enough to have created a special space at… Read more »

Retreat Yourself Autumn Box

Retreat Yourself: A Day Spa Experience At Home. Autumn Box Review

Subscription boxes certainly aren’t new; however if you’ve been living under a rock (like me!) this new and exciting way of receiving products has me jumping for joy. What if you could buy a gift and have it sent to you each month (or quarterly); with zero idea as to what it will be. That… Read more »

Building A New Home

2016; A Year Filled With Laughter, Family And New Beginnings

This week marks the first quarter of the year 2016 done and dusted, finito and finished. I cannot believe where that time has gone and I’m sure you can agree when I say it feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and wishing that Summer would never end. I want to be 100% honest with… Read more »

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Top 15 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Family

We are on the home stretch; with 16 days left till Christmas I hope some of you may have started your Christmas shopping. Others… well I hope you’ve sussed which nights the shops are open till midnight. If you’re getting a bit stressed out or stuck for ideas; especially those who may be on a… Read more »

BellaBox November Review

What’s All This Fuss About BellaBox? November 2015 Review

BellaBox; it’s a brand and name that I have heard quite a bit about over the past few months and have always wondered what this mystery beauty box would be like to try. After speaking to one of my friends who religiously gets a BellaBox delivered each week I had put it down on my… Read more »

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How To Save Time & Money On Work Lunches.

I have been meal prepping for work lunches for approximately 2 years now; and do you think I could get the hang or timing of it down to a fine art? No way! My previous lunch prep would take me 3 hours each Sunday afternoon and that doesn’t include the time spent grocery shopping or… Read more »

Baby Rhino at Monarto Zoo

How Did You Go With Your Own Personal Spring Bucket List?

Can you believe that in just over a week’s time it will be December! Not only will we be saying goodbye to this beautiful Spring weather (thank you Mother Nature), but we will be welcoming the silly season and were I personally have Christmas Carols blasting thru the radio 24/7. Mariah Carey’s; All I Want… Read more »

10 Fun Fact’s About Me

As much as I love Blogging and Social Media, it does make it hard to get to know people you are ‘following’ and reading about. Connecting through the internet is totally different to meeting someone on the street, so I’m hoping to show you a little bit more about me, Kate, not the computer person… Read more »

5 Tips On Preparing A Budget For Christmas.

Please don’t freak out when you read this next sentence… There’s only 9 week’s left till Christmas. Yes, you read correctly 9 weeks (or 58 days – which sounds like more time) till the Jolly Man dressed in Red visits us all on that one special night. You maybe one of those very few people… Read more »

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